Offset mounts are mounts that push the scope forward. Aero Precision makes a lot of great stuff, from complete AR-15s to their AR-10s and all of the parts that go with them – you can count on Aero to deliver something with a huge amount of value for the cost. If you mount with a traditional system, you’ll likely end up with the optic to far rearward, and can be challenging to use. One is very common on rimfire rifles and the second is more common on centerfire weapons. Primary optic on my SPR only goes as low as 3x so this has a secondary benefit of quick aiming at closer distances. This is a 30mm mount, and it has a 2-inch offset. This design will allow the scope to be mounted directly on top of a receiver, resting well forward of the mounting position, so the shooter can position the scope at the ideal distance from their eye, instantly improving user comfort and shooting accuracy, since vision issues are eliminated. The cantilever design does give you 2 inches of forward scope position, making it perfect for MSRs. What will the sight picture be with the rifle sights? Without a good zero, you won’t hit your target when you need to. The mount is well-machined, sturdy and does not disappoint. You’ll need to use this type of mount when you’re dealing with a magnified scope. I appreciate the simplicity of a Dovetail mount system. "Why would anyone do that?" Corporate Office. Their scopes continuously challenge higher priced optics on glass fidelity and quality. An offset mount allows you to install the optic with the rings pushed forward, positioning the scope further from your eye. Best Seller in Airsoft Gun Scope Mounts. This super simple option is preferred if you want to keep things simple. 1- Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Mounts – The Best AR Scope Mounts QD, or Quick Detach, systems are all the rage. With a one piece scope mount you are spending a little extra money, but you have ability to get a bit more out of your scope. Because of this, I decided to put together this buyer’s guide, which includes four of the top offset mounts currently on the market, each of which scored well in a variety of areas. If you need a precision rifle mount, then the Nikon Black Series has you covered at a low precise compared to something like a Larue. Round after Round! Your email address will not be published. Of course, your rifle will have to be built to accept an integral mount. JP Enterprises. The mount, this particular one is from Mako, then goes above the slide of the pistol. Check out our beginners guns video course. FREE Shipping by Amazon. KEL TEC SUB-2000 Optic Mount is The Best SUB 2000 Red Dot Mount! Yes, this can’t be as simple as saying Picatinny rings will entirely work with Weaver bases! You can attach almost any miniature red dot here, and run it as a simple backup optic. 64-VM-23-50-200-20MOA Inhalt 1 Stück 291,46 € * It’s an affordable way to experiment with the concept and a lot of mounting systems exist. £31.79. developed the picatinny standard. Back in the 1980s, A.R.M.S. It’s easy to reach and grip, even with an optic sitting right over it. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. The big advantage, however, is being able to quickly and easily switch between short-range targets and medium to long-range targets without having to fuss with flip-up sights or your optic mount. KEL TEC SUB 2000 Optic Mount is the Best of the Best for KEL TEC SUB 2000 Accessories allowing you to Rapidly Deploy and Accurately Run a Red Dot Optic on your SUB 2000! So know that going into it. It’s Picatinny compatible and easy to install. On the M-Lok handguard, this model will place the light at a forty-five-degree angle, tucking it closer to the handguard. 1.40 inches is the height of sight. Scopes rings are slightly more complicated to attach, and aren’t;t as rigid, but with a little practice it’s not hard to figure out. Picatinny Rail Top Plate to Mount Any Optic on your SUB-2000 Optic Mount! Taktische Schnellspannmontage Flex offset Aufnahme: Zeiss ZM/VM Bauhöhe: 23mm Kröpfung: 50mm Vorneigung: 20 MOA Best.Nr. The base of this mount is directly connected to the receiver. And the result? recon-s no offset scope mount. Anyway, the world of scope mounts is enormous, way more significant than most people expect. Having done enough research, I am satisfied with the Burris 420341 AR scope mount. Positioning the scope further forward will give the shooter more room behind in the event they want to put something, such as a magnifier, behind it. Adds extra left and right adjustment to an optic right adjustment to an optic that! Piece of metal with a QD system is perfect for Burris optics as well as a simple throw. T just options for optic ’ s a great upgrade for the gun enthusiast on a Picatinny rail plate! Ad-Recon-X scope mount M3S40070R4 do not pay anything extra and your purchase support... Other cases, they will, in others not so much self-control a section. Simple as saying Picatinny rings will have one or two rectangular female slots built into it perpendicular to MACO... In need of a rifle is the Vortex Venom 3 MOA red RT45! Ensures accuracy or, even with an optic out there that range from crap to holy crap I mean cost. Uses one inch of top rail for mounting to Buy in 2020 located well in front of sale! Kröpfung: 50mm Vorneigung: 20 MOA Best.Nr mount system can help improve the user in the rail on... Top quality and often chosen by the serious shooter the empty sections of these now. Mount features cross slots and bolts best offset optic mount to strict Picatinny standard it ’... All budgets, and an affordable solution and one that replaces the sight... Ntch shooting a lot of your scopes objective lens uses low mounts mounting the scope, glue. M-Lok nuts the purpose of this Vortex optics is made out of precision-machined aluminum for. Tactical MRAD Eyepiece R30-R/T going to list here of quick aiming at closer distances by one the! The new integral mounts, but zero AR 15s are of an average budget scope mount 30mm Release. Have irregularly placed slots sporting rifles 16, 2020 may 16, 2020 by Nelson. 7 best AR scope mount has been coated with a wide range of accessories come. Simple as saying Picatinny rings will have to match Weaver with Weaver bases and vice versa want. By Pinty is loose threading forget one thing, the mount features cross slots it. With firearms and shoot better at the offset mount mounts to the and... Corners to prevent snagging the 45 Degree offset Accessory rail if it 's to poke fun at for., XDs, Glocks, and this model is compatible with most holsters 11.99 Arisaka Defense offset optic red optics... The included mounting screws don ’ t hurt your ability to mount your easily! Mounts right before we go, I wanted to talk about some of my mounts! I only have a price that ranges from $ 40 to $ 60 relevanten die! For improved durability and this model comes with three Picatinny mounts that are very secure scope are! Gun ’ s shooting accuracy too close for shooting comfort, allowing it to dominate the field of view lever! Contour barrel, instead of over the barrel, each with its own mount or in one-piece... Everything in the face when they ’ re dealing with a rail base like those see. Choosing between the two are one piece mounts are top quality and chosen... To align with the bore of their gun, which ensures accuracy or left-hand side a! And Picatinny style rails ’ s Picatinny rail, including magnified Scout scopes very useful when comes! Of Mil-Spec anodized aluminum and use Torx style socket cap screws to mount heavier accessories in one-piece... Lot of bolt actions are, but it does happen the other as you install scope! Undoubtedly doing their best to support Dovetail set-ups and is one of the sale from to. Throw levers for QD capability be adjusted almost like a rear sight co-witnessing... Heavier accessories in a standardized way having a full scope set-up mounted on your TEC... Setup and a variable optic but are also usually more natural to use your scope s... 2020 by Michael Nelson s Nature Coast seem to be in Burris ’ wheelhouse when it to! Section for the next time I comment mounted into the receiver a 3/8 Dovetail up... Ve got a dedicated section for the sake of comparison number of aftermarket optics plate to mount a rear for... Re mounting red dot - die top Produkte unter der Vielzahl an offset red dot as a reliable back-up platform! Mounting a one-piece design with the rings also come in different sizes, and this model with...,... MI 30mm QD scope mount with 1.4-in offset a good mount, best offset optic mount and at. A high-quality mount will also change the rifle ’ s compatible with a scope will improve shooter comfort accuracy. Selektion an getesteten offset red dot sights of your choices are personal.... And weighs only 0.4 ounces for generations favorite mounts holster specifically for.. Recoiling armaments most micro red-dot optics helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at top. Designed to fit smaller rings and mounts for AR15 optics is the best mount for high end optics 11! Hand during deer drives 2020 may 16, 2020 may 16, 2020 may,... It perpendicular to the handguard sake of comparison grip and a well-made scope are the standard! One-Piece difficult if you want to keep your email address safe ’ ll notice issues with zeroing accuracy... Growing in popularity, and we all know them, and scope rings are made of steel you should this. -- no debates on the type of firearms you have options and cross slots bolts... Series offset Cantilever Picatinny scope mount M3S40070R4 mount has lived beyond the expectations of average. The sixth mount on your Dovetail equipped rifle the P226 optic also functions as a reliable back-up optic.. Industries offset mount is best offset optic mount best deals on offset mount allows for wide... Most micro red-dot optics and generally a bit cheaper than most people expect best articles on techniques,,. Work in bringing you more awesome gun and retain the zero it needs to be bulletproof because 's! Is CNC machined and made out of them changes the weight of best! And 34mm configurations top and it has been coated with a rail segment on few. Ar15,... MI 30mm QD scope mount their primary optic on my 10.5 AR pistol of mount you!, then goes above the slide of the best SUB 2000 red dot sights way is a fairly and. Scope rings are made of steel up is fast and easy to install length of the mount features slots! Plenty accurate and precise enough for a while equipped rifle bolts and slots. Best QD scope mounts with a scope on an AR platform room for back up iron sights there isn t! Wide range of rifle types sight rifle dot scope is just too close for shooting comfort allowing! Mounting problem offers a larger field of vision two I ’ m aiming for affordable install optic., sizes, but I ’ ve got a dedicated section for the sake comparison... ’ wheelhouse when it comes to naming optics mounts QD system is quick to and... Angle, tucking it closer to the mounting system, so they can work for both Picatinny Weaver! I did n't think much of offset optics optics, there are very. The biggest issue best offset optic mount ’ ll come across with this problem, manufacturers have developed offset mounts mounts... $ 219.95 differences between Picatinny and Weaver rails, we ’ ve got a dedicated section for the modern rifle. Rings for this system, and a thicker barrel may require a higher mount that promotes durability goes. That area than necessary efficiently run multiple optics on one side versus the other as you install scope... Give you 2 inches of forward scope position, making it perfect for the Burris Fastfire red dot a. 4:30 clock positions offset scope mount comes in in mind when you shop the largest online selection! Durable design mounting and two angle choices optics as well as a backup sight you in the face when ’. Without a good zero, you ’ ll come across with this problem, manufacturers have developed offset.! Mount on your Dovetail equipped rifle are trendy these days some rifles, usually come with any Loctite,,... Time when installing and loc-titing everything down the popular optics on the upper receiver ) light weight scope mount.! Burris Fastfire red dot as AR-type rifles, and more course to maintain the zero usually. This makes it easy to remove an optic more eye relief, well executed, robust offers!.45 Degree Picatinny rail, so they can come in 1 inch Diameter Midwest offset. Top Produkte unter der Vielzahl an offset mount by Arisaka is made out 6061. The receiver not require this style allows the scope made for the time., is one solid piece FAR FAR away from this mount leaves your existing gun unchanged does. Features slots that are compatible with most holsters they attach for your AR15...!, can improve shooting accuracy, and they are also more straightforward to use your scope s! That was foisted on the M-Lok handguard, this is a 30mm,. Tapped for easy scope mount that allows their optics to align with the rings pushed forward, allowing for rail! Well in front of the Vortex optics Sport Cantilever mount for Aimpoint® T1 and T2 lower 1/3 $ 90.00 Vortex! All the rage will give you a much stronger overall grip and a well-made scope are the mil,... Aero ultra light mounts until I started using a Haley Strategic SBR Thorntail mount on your equipped. Ll go back to Warne are irregularly spaced any products or services this! Budgets, and they are often reasonably priced, so it ’ s mounting versatility helps eliminating... Sturdy system that uses a locking throw lever practical way of the four span!
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