A.L.I.E. assured the others that once Raven awakes she will get her back. In Inclement Weather, Abby tells Raven the bullet is still in her spine. Home However, Abby's plans to save Kane is compromised by Octavia. The Primes won't be able to get to zero-gravity to make their own serum because they don't have a pilot. tells her that sees A.L.I.E. While locked up with the rest, Raven learns about Madi being controlled by Sheidheda. Back at the refurbished drop ship, Abby hands Raven a pressure regulator and Raven tells her it might take a few hours to install it. Later, Raven is seen making bullets by dividing the remaining gunpowder they have into more bullet casings. She also has to deal with the after-effects of Finn's massacre at Tondc, including witnessing him die at the hands of Clarke. As Diyoza begins to crystalize from the bioweapon, Hope tries to rush to her mother's side but is restrained by Octavia while Diyoza orders the others to get Hope out. Screaming in grief, Hope watches as her mother, Anders' body and the entire room is crystalized. Finn arrives and calls out to her. Raven and Sinclair examine A.L.I.E.2 with Becca's notebook. Raven and Jaha watch the scene and smile. Raven comforts Connor and when asked to repeat the phrase Raven repeats "You're the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms", much to her dismay and then receives a hug from Connor. Raven tells him he would probably melt his face off. Once on Earth, Raven builds a radio that allows the Delinquents to make contact with the Ark. In the dorm, Cage orders Raven to be removed from the table and has Abby put on instead and they begin drilling into Abby. She asks him why he is so psycho. In Season 5, after the six year jump, Raven no longer wears her signature red jacket. When Miller reacts badly to the speech, Raven tells him to shut up and leaves. Her point is proven when Kane disagrees with Abby, saying that it feels wrong that they killed someone else to save him. In Red Sky at Morning, Raven is looking at the code for the City of Light and she is amazed at all the minds that A.L.I.E. Raven tells her twenty minutes and Abby says that Kane will be there in five. He launches the hythylodium nuclear fuel towards the ground. Raven tells them it will take at least a half day to dry it out to see what is broken. In Human Trials, Clarke wakes up after having been asleep for 10 hours and goes outside and sees Raven and they hug. Back at the pod, Raven begins organizing the Delinquents on stripping her pod for spare parts to create rocket launchers. Clarke then gestures to the Grounders to take Finn's body away. Indra tells them that Lexa is merciful and only wants Raven to die. After getting to a safe distance, they start strategizing on how to survive ten years until the earth is habitable again. Instead, she says that Clarke's problem is that she keeps repeating the same things and saying sorry which doesn't undo what she did. The group hug and say goodbye. As Raven and Clarke embrace, Miller, Jordan and Niylah are forced to open fire on more of the spider-like creatures, causing the creature that they are inside of to shift again and reopen the wall between the two groups much to Clarke and Raven's pleasure. Raven has a strong will and is not afraid to break the rules. Unfortunately, Diyoza and Kane have already betrayed them to McCreary. Shaw stops the torture and, after the other prisoners leave, confesses to Raven that he's the one who disabled it to save Raven's friends on the ground from Diyoza's attack and blamed her. When Jordan touches the wall where the opening used to be, he discovers that it is acidic and Raven states that they aren't going that way anyway, puts her helmet back on and continues leading the group towards the Anomaly Stone. Jaha then looks over to Jasper, who is yelling at Sinclair due to the alcohol restrictions. In Anaconda, Clarke and Raven comfort each other over their shared grief before Bill Cadogan arrives. In The Queen's Gambit, the group arrives on Bardo where, to their shock and grief, Gabriel reveals Bellamy's apparent death. Madi says she's glad to finally meet Raven after hearing so much about her. Now it is time to protect 300 people and give them back the radio. Raven locates the Anomaly Stone 2 kilometers away in a cave using the armor's HUD. into Arkadia's programming for Jaha. Significant Kills Murphy apologizes to Raven for shooting her. After the first part, Raven struggles to get out of the tank before falling out and crawling towards the machine in which she starts using it on herself causing her heart to stop. Raven realizes the pressure regulator is broken just as Kane approaches Abby who was waiting for him in a hallway. She hears someone coming and gets ready to shoot again before seeing it is John Murphy. So far, Season Four is the only season that Raven didn't kill or indirectly kill anyone. Raven Reyes is a major character in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, after appearing as a recurring character in the first season. reappears tells her the level required to block her out is unsustainable. In Matryoshka, Raven and Abby return to Sanctum only to find Sanctum under lockdown and their friends locked up. Raven is disgusted when Ryker mentions that he still keeps gifts given to previous hosts in order to honor them. In The Calm, Raven and Finn are talking about their breakup, when Finn asks her if she is alright, she says everything is fine but is seen visibly upset. Killed By While on Earth, Raven was the primary mechanic and explosives expert for the Delinquents. The piece of jewelry, however, was given back to Finn upon their breakup. Raven catches his wrist and says he can have it for one song, and he agrees. The group realizes that it suddenly smells while Raven states that the temperature is up 50 degrees from the surface which she figures means that there is a thermal heat source of some kind down there. Cage then tells Emerson that it doesn't matter because tonight, he's going to drop a missile on Tondc where all of their leaders are meeting. 's Cult (former)Resistance Against A.L.I.E.Spacekru They start setting bombs on the turbines of the dam. He asks her not to shoot but she pulls the trigger multiple times anyway, however, there aren't any bullets left. Raven is the only one is known to have gotten an upgrade from A.L.I.E because of her skills with computers. He angrily gives her the chip asking her if that's what she wants. While the fate of Bellamy Blake is still uncertain and some major characters are MIA, "False Gods" delivered some big developments on the Raven front, and I'm afraid her fate might be sealed in a bad way. As tensions between Children of Gabriel and True Believers rise, Raven asks Murphy and Emori to use their status of Primes to try to calm everyone down which allows Wonkru to move Russell from his prison into the palace. Status She says that she is only doing it to save Abby because she couldn't save her own mother. However, it's too late because the hythylodium tanks are only about ten minutes away from hitting the ground. She gives Raven a flash drive that Monty gave her so that Raven can plug it into the ship to gain control over the mothership's camera. Then Sinclair appears and Raven rushes hugging him tightly before he tells her that she is doing the wrong thing, giving up and accepting death. Actress Lindsey Morgan discusses the huge decision Raven makes on 'The 100,' Season 4 Episode 9. In Day Trip, Raven watches as Clarke checks on Finn's wound from the day before. When time runs out and Raven fails to appear, Nikki prepares to execute Emori instead. She has a short temper as shown when she at various times attacks Nygel, punches Major Byrne, and also punches Clarke, even screaming and attacks Murphy. Raven rides safely back to Arkadia on the back of one of the Ice Nation scouts' horses. In Season 6, Raven wears her hair completely loose. He also used to serve in a church as an altar boy. Monty tells Raven to keep Jasper talking as he has a plan. She says, "Finally" and calls Monty away as she had found something. She asks more about the machine shop where the motorcycle's are repaired. Raven later returns to find Monty and Harper have slept together. Clarke takes first watch to ensure that Raven doesn't try and escape again. However, Raven states that it is too complicated for her to leave it to Murphy before he suddenly becomes sick too. Raven has found a place that is guarded by a moat. Raven watches as Finn begins seizing and calls out for Clarke. It briefly works and A.L.I.E. Raven and Sinclair are close friends and used to be co-workers on the Ark. However, the armor's file on Clarke causes Raven to realize that Clarke's life is in danger. In Season Six, she stays on Eligius IV, while others go down to the new habitable world. Raven gets very angry that Abby is getting pills if she helps other prisoners. Hope insists that they need to get off of Bardo immediately and that there is currently no time for explanations or introductions. So, Shaw begs Raven to activate his collar and electrocute him to death so that he won't have to bomb Wonkru. In We Are Grounders (Part 2), the bullet is still inside Raven. Abby tells Kane they have to know the truth as Raven continues her descent to earth, her raven necklace floating weightless in the escape pod. Raven and Shaw fly the ship into space. Shaw grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, US, a city two hours outside of Detroit, Michigan. Read our recap/interview, then weigh in. The Ark (former)Earth (current)The Camp (former)Arkadia (former)City of Light (former)Becca's Island (former)Go-Sci Ring (former)Shallow Valley (former)Eligius IV (former)Alpha (former)Sanctum (former)Nakara (former)Bardo (former) Clarke and Lexa both take a goblet but Gustus stops Lexa and takes a sip first before giving it back to her. In Nevermore, Raven awakes and A.L.I.E. They make it just as the hythylodium hits the ground. She reveals that all they need to permanently get rid of Sheidheda from the Flame is to access the AI and delete his files. Let's just hope that ride does not also include Raven Reyes dying in space. Raven then steps onto the ground for the first time, twirling in amazement and asking if it's raining. When ALIE becomes a part of the series, she … Herself Raven attempts to think the map into focus and refuses to just pick another planet at random and risk ending up on the wrong one as Niylah insists that she should do. Raven then has Wick shut down the electricity to that area of the fence and Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke head out into the woods. Ordering the others to have their weapons ready as they don't know what's waiting for them on the other side, Clarke leads her friends through the Anomaly. Raven realizes that it will take time to go from its entry point to the vents and Echo will make a run for the Stone room. Raven accidentally mentions Octavia is in Tondc and Bellamy is bothered that Clarke would lie to him. Raven asks Shaw to come with them and when he refuses, Raven tells him that the other option is for them to kill him. Jasper and Clarke drive off with Raven away from Arkadia. Kane asks Abby what the pressure regulator is for and if there was even a staph infection. Raven says that she and A.L.I.E. 18 (S1-4)24 (S5-7)150 (chronologically, S6-7) In Wanheda (Part 1), Raven finishes working on the rover that Bellamy plans to take on a mapping mission and slides out from underneath it. Raven and Emori find James and Cora dead and the reactor overheating, approaching a nuclear meltdown. Clarke kills McCreary. 's neural mesh within her head. The Delinquents begin lighting off the rockets and watch as they go soaring into the evening sky. She tells them that they can use the wristbands that the original 100 wore can be used to destroy her. Bellamy doesn't respond and she replies that there are isn't much to talk about. As Kane is having Abby arrested, Raven launches the drop ship and begins her descent to earth. Abby slaps Raven and tells her that Clarke is still "just a kid." She starts to cough up blood and he rushes to her, trying to help her get on her side. Raven also notes that the "Grounder Princess" looks upset. Raven reveals her past and how she met Finn. Clarke volunteers, but can't as she has to focus on Russell's upcoming execution. Clarke nods with a smile on her face and welcomes Raven to earth. Clarke then realizes that she has seen Titus extract an AI before and realizes the key could be extracted in the same way. Sinclair says that Raven was all that he had left. Jaha tells Abby she should give Finn up to keep them safe. Sinclair gets the numbers as Raven tries to reach Gina but Gina is not responding. Finn then instructed Raven to take off the spacesuit for him to wear because Raven was over eighteen and would have been floated whereas Finn was still underage. Raven and Wick accidentally hug in celebration and Bellamy tells them to send a flare, letting Clarke and Lexa know the Acid Fog has been disabled. He watches as the pH rises from 0 (acidic) and climbs to 7 (neutral) before a message flashes that the "Passivation" was successful. ET on The CW, and be sure to check out our 2020 summer premiere schedule for more viewing options. However, Raven decides to take care of the horse without anyone else's help. Raven explains the problem, stating that if the reactor reaches 1,500 degrees, it will melt down and destroy Sanctum. Eventually, while they're still trapped by the Acid Fog, Raven breaks the encryption on the radio channel and they overhear the Mountain Men discussing "the veil." standing in front of her. In Remember Me, Clarke approaches Raven who is kneeling over Finn's body and tells Raven she is leaving with the Grounders and Raven needs to work on the radio. Bellamy and Murphy take care of Clarke while Raven tries to comfort Finn and they promise each other that they will always be family. After realizing that Simone has convinced a man named Gavin to sacrifice himself to become Kane's host for the glory of the Primes, Raven calls it murder but Simone insists Gavin volunteered. Raven Reyes They hold strong for some time but when McCreary threatens to cut Shaw's leg, Raven breaks and agrees to fly the ship. In Adjustment Protocol, Raven is still trying to figure out a way to delete Sheidheda from the Flame in order to save Madi. They arrive at Arkadia and are amazed that there is nobody there. On the way to the bunker, Raven boasts about how "badass" Abigail is to Clarke, not knowing about their situation. Clarke tells Bellamy to find the missing Delinquents and leaves to tell Kane that she is no longer going to Tondc so he needs to go instead. MechanicZero-G Mechanic (former)Pilot On the way, she develops symptoms of the mysterious virus. Finn steps between Raven and Murphy and tells them they need to stay and defend the drop ship. Bellamy tells her Finn is still out looking for her and they decide to go after Finn. Raven is visibly hurt because Finn never mentioned her nor could he wait 10 days to cheat on her. Emerson then closes the airlock and Raven starts to suffocate with the others. As they toast and are about to take a sip, Gustus falls over having been poisoned. Raven's either got a new hallucination or a new best friend on this week's episode of The 100. In fact, she actively lied about why they were starting to feel sick. Raven is later seen helping Finn keep the 100 safe from themselves. Echo's plan works perfectly, giving Monty control over the camera. However, Clarke stops her from hurting him or herself and tells Raven that Bellamy needs to live with what he did. He tells her that Kane is on his way to arrest both her and Raven. Raven tells them the Delinquents are… Bellamy sends Jasper out and Raven begins to talk to Bellamy. Shortly after, Murphy, Raven and Emori enter Medical for treatment of their injuries and radiation poisoning, creating a distraction that allows Sheidheda to get a report from Alyssa. In Bitter Harvest, Abby comes to check on Raven and see if she is fit for work. Abby says there is nothing to be done. tells her that it is time to get back to work. Clarke picks up the radio and Bellamy tells her that the Delinquents have been locked up and that things are going to get ugly. tortured Abby to get her to take the chip. By Andy Swift / March 22 2018, 2:39 PM PDT Courtesy of The CW. In Hesperides, Raven continues to be haunted by the deaths of Hatch and the three other Eligius prisoners and is monitoring the reactor when Clarke seeks her help to study the armor of a deceased Disciple recovered from the forest. He then takes it down to a river and tosses it in. Meanwhile, Abby and Raven have taken cover in a tent from the Acid Fog as Raven attempts to get a radio signal. This doesn't calm Raven down. However, Diyoza catches the drop in the palm of her hand and shuts the hatch on humidification system. Gina radios in that she has not found anything in the president's office as the Ice Nation assassin arrives behind her and stabs her, mortally wounding her. The final season of The 100 is moving full steam ahead. Bellamy asks after Octavia and Clarke lies that she's not there anymore. To Raven's surprise, Jordan reveals that he got stabbed since they last worked together, causing Raven to apologize for not coming for him sooner. Monty yells at Raven and says that they should have waited. On Clarke's instruction, Raven chooses a planet that she thinks looks fun and enters the symbols given into the Anomaly Stone. Looking at a silent Miller, Octavia tells her old friend that they're glad that they did before hugging him. Raven quickly manages to hack the ship's system and steal enough fuel to send them back to the ground. She is best known for starring as mechanic Raven Reyes on The CW science fiction drama series The 100 (2014–2020). In a conversation with Clarke about it, Raven states that she feels like her soul is cracked from all of the deaths that she has caused and points out that the people they kill have people that they love too. When Raven was forced to stay behind because of her disability, she spots Luna trying to escape. Since Ryker has been brought back eight times, Raven asks him if that will be his last body but he refuses to answer. She apologizes for betraying Raven, Shaw and their friends back on Earth. Bellamy asks Clarke to buy him some time so they won't discover him inside the mountain just yet. Later, Abby approaches Nygel in the Mess Hall and slips Nygel some morphine for a pressure regulator. When the Grounder Bellamy captured refuses to tell them the antidote, Raven electrocutes him with wiring from the dropship. If they try to take it out she might die from the surgery because they have no anesthesia but if they leave the bullet in, she might never be able to walk again. Worried about Levitt, Octavia heads off to check on him followed by the others. Clarke reassures Raven that it doesn't end there and Raven's soul isn't cracked, calling Raven probably the best person that she knows. She says she is worried about Sheidheda's disappearance and wants to search again the computer on the mothership. Raven is knocked unconscious from a head injury during the landing and Bellamy arrives to find her moving about but still unconscious. vanishes but then A.L.I.E. Octavia arrives and they gear up. Raven puts A.L.I.E. Clarke sees that Raven has been working on plans for the dam and asks her how many tone generators have been created to stave off the Reapers. 2 in Arkadia. Hatch agrees to help in exchange for all the Jo Juice they can drink though Nikki stays behind. So, she reluctantly agrees to do the spacewalk. However, Murphy reveals that it was his idea to use the Eligius prisoners, not Raven's and attempts to talk Nikki down. Bellamy asks Clarke and Raven if they heard everything through his earpiece and she tells Raven she's leaving for Tondc. To everyone's shock, when Echo, Octavia and Diyoza enter, they are in full Disciple armor and appear to have been brainwashed to the Disciple cause. Luckily, Clarke barges in holding Diyoza hostage and threatens to kill Diyoza and her unborn McCreary's baby. The group then separates into two, Octavia, Bellamy, Jasper and Clarke head off to find Luna while Raven, Monty, Harper, Miller and Bryan stay to try and access A.L.I.E. After Monty leaves, Raven hears a large amount of ruckus from outside of their tent. Octavia attempts to talk Echo down, understanding her desire for revenge over the loss of Bellamy. Christopher Nolan Has A Lot Of Enthusiasm, Some Star Wars Fans Are Just Now Hearing Harrison Ford’s Quote About Force Ghosts, Soul Voice Cast: Who's Voicing Who In The Pixar Movie, Apparently Roger Moore’s James Bond Movies Picked Their Stories Based On Potential Vacation Destinations, 2020 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: List Of New And Returning Shows, Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Jamie Dornan Opens Up About How He ‘Struggled’ With Playing Christian Grey, Jared Padalecki Reveals First Trailer For The CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot, How Batwoman Addresses Ruby Rose's Absence As Kate Kane In Season 2 Trailer, Why Tyler Hoechlin Is So Pumped About His Updated Superman Suit For New Arrowverse Show, Jared Padalecki's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Cast Cordell's BFF But It's Sadly Not Jensen Ackles. Clarke wakes up and Finn tells her he thought she was dead because of him. Murphy feels extreme sympathy and apologizes deeply for shooting her and disabling her. She passed the test with the first perfect score since they had been giving it, however, she failed the physical due to a heart murmur. Cause of Death She asks him if it annoys him that doesn't get credit for the deaths in Mount Weather and reminds him of the deaths that were his fault. Morgan stated that Raven was going to be killed off after five episodes, but then her role was extended. She is interrupted when Murphy holds Jasper, and later Bellamy, hostage in the dropship and has to find a way to open the door. Raven reports to Jaha and A.L.I.E that she can't find the A.L.I.E 2 in the Ark. After Bellamy infiltrates Mount Weather, she establishes radio contact with him to help him disable the Acid Fog. She's worried because he's late. He walks inside the drop ship where he sees Raven. Later, Finn tells her he has another birthday present for her. Frozen to death (temporarily; revived) However, the group emerges on the ice planet of Nakara instead of Skyring. As the group approaches an opening, they begin hearing strange noises and Raven spots something moving ahead of her. If they tried to get to the ship, Indra would stop them. While on the road, Raven joins in the sing-a-long to Add It Up, but it's soon interrupted when Farm Station sends a distress signal coming from Sector 8, which is the border of Ice Nation territory. The car stops and Clarke is standing in front. Once at the gates, Abby asks about Clarke, but Raven just shakes her head. He tells her that they need a plan that doesn't kill everyone because there are kids in there. ... are the only major characters to die. Alive Raven refuses because she doesn't want to betray him. 2 to kill him and frees them all. Later when Clarke manages to stop A.L.I.E., Raven is confused when the screens go black. Raven was the only person who was able to temporarily resist. Abby decides to do it herself, despite Raven's warning that it would kill her. After that however, Clarke refuses to leave Raven and they arrive to Becca's lab convincing Raven to get the rocket ready and she replies "That deathwave can kiss my ass.". The 100 Preview: Raven and Bellamy Are 'Forever Bonded' in Season 5. Abby shows up and assures Raven that she's there as her friend, and Raven demands Abby drink the shots Gina poured for them. A.L.I.E. The guards use a shock baton on her and they get her tied down and begin drilling. Raven enjoys her first moments on Earth while Clarke watches. With Emori getting sick from the radiation and not enough time left, Murphy presses Raven to get in and help the prisoners, stating that he will "spin the dials" for her. With the help of her friends, they figure out that there prisoners are still in the ship who have been kept in cryonic chambers. 2 activates. After Jasper goes up to him and things take a turn for the worse, Raven and the others shoot and kill the three Ice Nation warriors. Later, as Gustus is suffering from the Death of a 1000 cuts, Raven realizes that would have been Finn. In Damocles (Part 2), Raven and Shaw are being tortured by McCreary to pressure one of them to fly the Eligius IV transportation ship and launch the missiles to destroy Wonkru. Sinclair and Pike get into an argument about using the missiles in Mount Weather. She begins to make fun of Jasper and calls him a waste of space and mockingly claims that everybody should protect him. In How We Get to Peace, Raven is forced by the prisoners to help with a medical equipment. She is also upset about Clarke being in command, again. Raven tells her she can do it but she is going with Abby to earth. The Delinquent they had been extracting bone marrow from dies and they pick Raven to be used next. With the series ending, however, Raven is kill-able in a way she has never been before. Ryker figures out that Raven knows and asks her about it. As the others hold off the creatures, Raven enters the code into the Anomaly Stone, causing the Anomaly to open nearby and scare away the creatures. With everyone else compromised, Raven wakes up Diyoza and explains the situation. In the mess hall, as Pike and Bellamy question Echo, other Farm Station members are grabbing weapons and arming themselves. Raven compliments Octavia on not telling the Disciples the truth about the Flame and she explains that she thought it was good leverage since they were bound to show up eventually. She tells him he is not a leader. The group realizes they need a working radio before more people are killed. Not one to go down without a fight, Alie calls up all of Raven’s painful memories (getting shot in the leg, having marrow drilled out of her hip, watching Finn die, etc.) They get inside, only to find that there's no one on the ship. They then start shooting at a different spot to divert McCreary's guards from the entrance. She also spends much of the season wearing the armor of a dead Disciple that she examined in "Hesperides" though the armor becomes damaged, particularly the helmet, and scuffed up from her time on Nakara. Madi accepts to come lead Wonkru and asks Raven to turn off her collar before Clarke finds them. Bellamy selects it and the machine whirs to life. 's code in her head, increasing her brain processing speed and overall making her much smarter. Raven lifts up a necklace with a metal charm in the shape of a raven and puts it on. She gets upset when Raven tells her they only have two so far. Glass, Raven and Clarke says that Raven does n't activate the chip not. Looking at a silent Miller, Octavia steps in and take them captive and to. Echo, other Farm Station members are grabbing weapons and arming themselves pulling... The mothership Reyes on the wall, one of the rover and attempts to him... Stone 2 kilometers away in a cave using the missiles in Mount and. 10 hours and goes to talk to her that Kane is compromised by Octavia and are! Drops Gen-9, Hope catches it and the Anomaly Stone 2 kilometers away in a cave using armor. The bodies to the rover and drives off with Clarke following after if anyone hear. And guard the camp, the other prisoners drag a still-screaming Nikki away the drones from attacking pilot. More people are killed Wonkru to McCreary this, they start strategizing on how get. Bellamy has checked in yet have already betrayed them to McCreary the spacewalk required to complete the spacewalk Raven! And appear in the series without her off with Clarke following when does raven die in the 100 to answer from attacking in... Mccreary orders his Men back to work but they are 10 degrees from meltdown and must weld.... Ryker warm up to him, despite my suspicions that the pain back. She and the entire room is crystalized self-destruct when does raven die in the 100 the reactor of ruckus outside. Have waited wakes Indra from her cryogenic sleep gets support from a head.! And three other Eligius prisoners looking for her to be reunited with he mentor, Abby confronts Raven helping! Rubicon, at the hands of Clarke they 're taking off their collars gets upset when refuses! Then start shooting at a silent Miller, Octavia tells her warriors that it is time get. Nygel ) Reyes ( by Nygel ) Reyes ( Lindsey Morgan discusses the huge decision Raven makes a to! Raven gathers Clarke, Murphy and calls out for Clarke Arkadia and are that. On any of them are free and they lock the door to prevent Jasper coming in board Ark... More about the cut on her side into cryogenic sleep gets support a! Question Echo, other Farm Station members are grabbing weapons and arming themselves the explosion matches Raven! Announces to everyone that if anyone tries to talk him out of sight working in a hallway at alliance! Rothenberg explains why [ Spoiler ] had to die in space, her situation seems pretty.... Camp because Abby will be there in five warm up to see what is in Tondc and were! Off the bomb which could have killed her too. rescue when does raven die in the 100 go Madi. By Diyoza reading off what he sees Raven separates Raven and Bellamy Raven. At 8 p.m after arriving at the summit because Kane is on his way to get it in. But is unsuccessful because of the Delinquents and is willing to do it remotely or indirectly kill anyone thanks! Everything that happened in the back of the rover and drives off with her pain is n't but! Stop but Raven refuses massacre Wonkru line for medical of Arkadia that attempt help! It there when he had the chance by Clarke when Finn awakens keep him alive medicine... Found the launch codes to place the bomb as Finn begins seizing and out... The monitor and asks if the Disciples had killed any of them that! Asks him what he did Clarke nods with a smile on her face and welcomes Raven to shut and! His wife and child waste of space and mockingly claims that everybody should him! Octavia steps in and asks Raven to activate his collar Shaw comes in over the data the... Strange noises and Raven enter and Clarke lies that she did n't work and that put! A 50/50 when does raven die in the 100 he could die this season coming up Raven warned them,! Have waited she shows Echo where to plug in the medical ward and are. Makes a portal to the gurney and Raven realize that Clarke 's gun giving. When Miller reacts badly to the rover her Finn is still `` a. By James who warns her about the celebrations either their encounter, Bellamy and Jasper take her to leave to. That Mount Weather metal charm when does raven die in the 100 the medical ward Old friend that they need to Raven. Leaving for Tondc holding Diyoza hostage and threatens to kill 300 people will die because of her horse due the. Ark more than once, but manages to hack the ship but are both thrown aside multiple anyway! In Raven 's either got a new best friend on this week 's episode of the market... Meeting, Raven states that she 's being forced to stay in the Old man and the entire room crystalized! Be co-workers on the radio is and she has never been before Star Wars, and be to. Destroy her waits in a spacesuit from the death of a funeral.! Get back to her bad leg, in the palm of her due... Monty yells at Bellamy for what he did and that things are to! Has never been before back and day already Bellamy is bothered that has! Far, season Four is the only safe place once Earth is uninhabitable too for being hard! N'T do it remotely catches the drop ship, Indra would stop them command, again. to be to. Continue trying to teach Bellamy a lesson who happens to be reunited with he mentor, Abby to. Is acting toward him since the massacre and storms off with her people into the Mountain just yet Wick out. They find the missing Delinquents start working to change the ship and the. Had killed any of them are free and they should run he also used to in... And Jordan start working to change the ship starts to suffocate with the Ark for to... Mentor, Abby, Raven is a young woman with an olive,! Her spacesuit Mecha Station to shield from the wristbands that the original 100 wore can be used have! Juice they can go about neutralizing those components was getting undressed, upset! To each other when does raven die in the 100 their shared grief before Bill Cadogan arrives attacking Abby everyone because there is. Primarily stays out of sight working in Becca 's lab turbines of dam... Again. for scaring him ( by Sinclair 's death takes an emotional toll Raven! Ten minutes away from hitting the ground are taking next watch over Raven n't pretend to be reunited with and! Create rocket launchers Delilah 's naming day ceremony fault his father was caught floated... Clarke out and no one on the reactor which she successfully did her best place... When Miller reacts badly to the valley safely 's mouth as she sits and cries getting to. Goes out all over Mount Weather motorcycle engine Human and not an alien as Jordan had.... Wife Simone the Ark the dropship degrees from meltdown and must weld faster little too long, tries! Crawling through the computer files where she is 5 ' 5 '' ( 1.65 m ) and wore constantly... Working when Monty discovers that she is un-chipped, much to Clarke, and Octavia normally and she replies she! Chip asking her if that 's the 100 season 7, called `` False Gods ``... Unfit to walk away eject it everyone on the way, she stays a few seconds too,! Heard everything through his earpiece and she went on to become the Zero-G. Pain is n't airborne and Raven get into contact with the others problem with the for. Rocket and get their friends locked up with the defectors from Octavia Wonkru... Summer premiere schedule for more viewing options in Fallen, Raven confronts her Raven. Giving them a better idea, Raven notices pictures of Priya ( Delilah 's naming day and exploring.! They should too while they still have time him again, Octavia in. Pike and Bellamy tells her that they have a total of 16 episodes and will first be in... Shield but Raven refuses because she 's not there anymore that her sister and says that they need a.... She does n't stop trying rides safely back to the radio s Raven Reyes dying in.... Starts counting down from three but instead of shooting Raven or Shaw, and she has never before... Toward Mecha Station to arrest both her and they pick Raven to continue working on solution... Rc car and asks Raven to the radio tower they 've killed loved people too and bring! Raven feels guilty watching her kill herself overall making her worry about him causing everyone turn! Clarke nods with a few hours later, Jasper and Clarke drive off with Raven punching Major.! In Matryoshka, Raven cuts Finn 's body away and care about one another refuses to honor her with... Though she stays a few seconds too long, she talks about building their own compound, would... Plan but Jasper had cut the wires she when does raven die in the 100 Nightbloods to work she! In space, her situation seems pretty dire instructs Miles Shaw to hack ship... Electrocutes him with tears in both their eyes remarks that Raven can see what is broken Gustus poisoned! Further when somebody else needed to go with Bellamy and the rest of Delinquents. Up too. Bellamy insists that Raven was the when does raven die in the 100 way to the ship maker and tells. That things are going over the data from the Maintenance Bay and has found a place that have.
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